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Building owners, developers and managers across New York State are boosting profits and attracting more tenants by improving their buildings’ energy performance.

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  • MPP New Construction

    Multifamily–New Construction

    Comprehensive energy upgrades

    Avg actual energy savings: 10%
    Avg incentive: $111,242
    Avg simple payback (yrs): 14.69
    Total projects: 579

  • MPP Existing Buildings

    Multifamily–Existing Buildings

    Comprehensive energy upgrades

    Avg actual energy savings: 12%
    Avg incentive: $111,012
    Avg simple payback (yrs): 9
    Total projects: 1434

  • Submetering


    Electrical submetering conversion
    Avg incentive: $131,978Total projects: 23

  • Benchmarking Program

    Benchmarking Program

    Incentive: $500
    Total Projects: 66

  • Green Jobs - Green NY Financing

    Green Jobs – Green NY Financing 

    Loans at about half the market rate
    Total loans: 39

  • New York Energy Smart Building

    Energy Smart Labeled

    Total projects: 150

  • EnergyStar

    Energy Star Labeled

    Total projects: 132

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